Decrypt Crime with Safecall - the Chinese alphabet was invented as an encryption to prevent the poor Chinese from learning how to earn money. Modern News was invented to hide how Central Banks use the Chinese invention of Fiat Currency to steal money from the poor.

Safecall is the only tool currently available to Law Enforcement worldwide to fight the number one TOC group in existence today. This website currently has around 15 videos on how most worldwide corruption can be traced to the small island of England and the Monarchy's financial hitmen for the last 200 years, the Rothschild Banking Cartel. The English Monarchy and the Rothschild banking cartel have sabotaged world progress by killing all inventors of new energy sources. New energy that replaces Big Oil would free the poor from spending most of their money on energy and stop all Air and Water Pollution, but the Banking Cartel and English Monarchy invested in Shell Oil in 1860 and receive a major portion of the $600 billion annual Oil Company profits.

England has actually ruled the world for the last 800 years. Why else would there be such a big company that you have never heard of, consisting of 85% ex-British MI-6 and ex-British military employees, that runs much of the infrastructure of many of the countries around the world? is this "invisible" world dominating English company and just have a look at THIS VIDEO: "Serco - the biggest company you have never heard of." View these videos below and more videos in the Video menu, that explain that the main source of worldwide corruption for the last 200 years has been the English Monarchy and its Financial Hitmen, the Rothschild Bankers.

Serco: How England Still Rules the World
Rothschild Banks Tax Poor & Pay Queen & Israel
911 Bank Robbers and Hitler was English Agent
Queen Controls World Financially with Rothschild & Bank
Cash Flow Diagram from Oil Tax & Bank Tax on Poor
USA's Israeli Mob Wiretap Co funded by Israel
All Free Energy Inventors Killed in Video
UK Monarchy's CIA Puppet Economic Hitmen Kill Countries
Canadian Defense Minister's Book "The Money Mafia"
Free Energy is Here Now From UFO Reverse Engineering

England has run the world for 8 centuries with her viscous cabal of secret agent jackals, who use assassination, extortion, black mail and cash bribes to strategically control those persons worldwide who wield the most power. The crime is done strictly for the profit of "The City" and the Monarchy. England uses the Secret Intelligence Service, previously known as "Military Intelligence Section 6" (MI-6), to rule the world with military, psychological, financial and legal warfare strategies and tactics. This is done mainly by "Sheep Dipping" where an ordinary looking British Secret Agent works undercover as an employee of or British Airways and many other multi-national companies worldwide, not based in England. England conducts warfare against targets with either military or secret agents often in a combination of military, psychological, financial and legal methods. However the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to control a civilization is to use Financial Warfare by employing Economic Hitmen like John Perkins' in THIS Video. Case in point, look at all the death from starvation in Siberia and in the Ukraine Famines back in the USSR, and death from starvation today in Africa by the poor. Financial Warfare has been conducted in the name of the Monarchy by the Rothschild Banker's Transnational Organized Crime group. The Rothschild Banker's Transnational Organized Crime group consists of top banking names like Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and Rothschild.

However, even people with no money are not poor if they have access to free energy for their farms, houses and cars. Energy costs make up about 90% of the cost of food as it is used in everything from the fertilizers, water pumps, diesel farm tractors, diesel delivery trucks and electricity in the freezers and coolers in stores and homes. Free Energy would lower the price of food by 90% for both food production and food storage! See our Plasma Battery web page on how the English Monarchy and her royal Rothschild Bankers have performed serial killings of Plasma Battery and "free energy" Water-To-Hydrogen inventors.

Safecall has displayed the crimes listed here, in an effort to educate the public on how to help us to put an end to this crime and corruption. Safecall can help to educate the masses with this information so that the public can begin to observe the patterns that these criminals use on the Television and Internet in their very clever execution of these crimes. One must sit and watch for incoming waves, sometimes only telltale ripples in media and in three dimensional space and time, the forth dimension, to catch the minutial evidence of their activity, because they all have PhD's and are far too clever to leave any visible tracks in the sand.

Additionally, Safecall has explained in detail with video evidence these incredible crimes of mass murder to the public to allow the public to verify that Safecall is on the public's side 100%. This proves that Safecall is not some corporate subsidiary of the NSA "Spy Clubs" at Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and all "the others." To realize any real change in this corrupt environment, Safecall has developed a tool for encrypted communication between the police and Safecall. This Safecall encryption tool is not controlled by any government or corporate power whatsoever, and has been meticulously designed to be completely anonymous to allow police officers to break the "Code of Silence" and anonymously report corruption. Safecall currently reports all incidents of corruption that have been relayed to Safecall via our encrypted systems to one or more of the following institutions:

Warning: We do not work directly with the FBI, BKA and other high level police agencies due to an effective total corruption found in the administrations of these agencies, who without any regard for the law, steer those agents who have good intentions, away from handling "special cases." This is very fine grained control of the "good agents" to make sure to send these "good agents" to benign crime scenes that do not involve any corruption. Special "cleaning agents" are sent to hot spots of corruption to "clean up" and destroy any evidence that could expose a corrupt politician or organized crime figure to the eyes of the public.

Safecall provides an extremely secure communications platform to European Law Enforcement and Companies operating in the current environment of intense political corruption. Peace Officers are afraid to perform their duties due to the monitoring of their radios by criminals inside their ranks. Safecall allows those officers, who are performing their duties with the utmost respect for the laws, to feel safe knowing that they can communicate with trusted authorities and feel confident that nobody can decrypt their communications. Safecall also provides an anonymous service that allows police to break the "Code of Silence" in reporting criminal acts by other police to the authorities without being identified as the source.



Safecall has a track record of success in the war on Transnational Organized Crime (TOC). Today governments are increasingly seen as origins for TOC and so it is no longer safe to rely on traditional government agencies like the FBI for results. The 3 letter agencies like the CIA, FBI, DEA, DHS and ATF are all completely saturated by the infiltration of embedded TOC operatives. Jesse Ventura is the ex-governor of Michigan, and an expert in international security due to the fact that he is a former Navy SEAL who worked with military intelligence in the Viet Nam War. Jesse Ventura says that the CIA has embedded itself in all federal, state and local governments. The book "The Strength Of The Pack" by Douglas Valentine proves with complete, extensive and verifiable references, that the big city police, the CIA and the FBI have been infiltrated by the Italian and Jewish TOC groups in key positions. Safecall has direct evidence proving that Mexican TOC groups have also infiltrated California police departments in large and small towns. This Video shows how the NYPD cooperated with the CIA and Israeli Mossad during the New York City 9-11 WTC demolition to steal 300 Billion Dollars worth of gold, diamonds and Bearer Bonds located in the world's largest private Gold Vault in the WTC Basement. Here is a second video on how the 300 Billion Dollars in Gold, Bonds and Diamonds was stolen.

Safecall can be reached for consulting at OUR WEBSITE'S CONTACT FORM HERE. Please fill out an email and telephone where we can reach you and include the full country and city codes in your phone number. Also enter a message as to the nature of your consulting requirements as this uses a high encryption SSL connection. YOU MAY ALSO USE PGP AND SO PLEASE USE OUR PGP KEY HERE.

Safecall has a track record of success working with law enforcement to combat organized crime in the US and Europe. Safecall has recently donated intelligence services to German municipal police departments in the fight against white supremacist crime in Germany.